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KYK Generation

World’s Favourite Water Ionizer – KYK Generation 2 | 7 Plates | Dual Filtration

KYK 3300

Filter Sensor and Filter Control System | 7 Plates | Dual Filteration


5 or 7 SOLID Plates | Counter Top | KYK Hisha | Single Complex Filter


Aluminium Front Panel | 9 Plates | 3 (Tripple) Filtration | Ceramic Valve
Automatic Sensor Faucet | Over The Counter | Instant Cooling And Heating | 7 Plates | 4 Filters

KYK 66000

KYK 66000 UnderSink | 7 Plates | Modern Electronic Faucet | Single Complex Filter

Hydrogen Water Generator Machine In India


Compact Design |KYK Higen1+ |counter-top | Single Complex Filter


Dual Filteration| KYK Higen2+ |Counter -top| Zero Wastege


Triple Filteretion | KYk Higen + |Counter-top| Single complex Filter
1. World,S only Hydrogen Machine With Patented ZERO wASTAGE WATER Mechanism
2. Upto 1650 PPB (DH)at drinkable pH levels
3. Electrolysis Cell- TRITAM Body and PEM with 99.99% Platinum Coated Tatanium Plates

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About Us KYK India is the official exclusive distributor in India for Korea’s No.1 KYK Alkaline Water Ionizers, a renowned award-winning brand in Korea, Japan and USA and is an FDA approved water ionizer. ” Water brings disease, Water brings health! “


Mission & Visions Provide the most important human values, health, beauty, and happiness by revitalization of the body and soul through boosting the immune system and naturopathy.
Competitiveness Exports Worldwide to 40 Countries, Exploring Overseas Routes with Advanced Technology.
Accomplished No.1 Global Brand with One trillion sales records and five thousand employees.

Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people

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Dr. [Kim Young] Kwi provides insight into the water of Lourdes, France, a popular destination for those seeking miraculous cures. Samples of the water were analyzed, and compared to ordinary water by Japanese doctor, Sira Hata Nakasone. The Lourdes water was found to have a higher concentration of activated hydrogen than regular water, which may be reasonable for restoring health to cells damaged by oxidation.”

Image result for Dr KYK and Dr Sirahata

Dr KYK and Dr Sira Hata 
“Relationship between water and disease”, Conference Paper KAIST 2004

It is widely recognized in the medical profession that a healthy and clean colon is one of the most important precursors to good health and that the great majority of body ailments and diseases originate in an acidic and dirty colon. Water is essential for your health. Drinking “good water;” especially hard water (rich in minerals) which has much calcium and magnesium keeps your body at an optimal alkaline PH.


Dr Hiromi Shinya, USA
Director, Shinya Medical Clinic, New York

Dr Hiromi Shinya’s revolutionary “Shinya Method” has become widely used in colonoscopy procedures worldwide

Alkaline water rids the body of acid waste…

After carefully evaluating the results of my advice to hundreds of individuals, I’m convinced that toxicity in the form of acidic waste is the primary cause of degenerative disease.


Dr Sherry Rogers, USA 
Leading National Toxicology Expert

“Bad diets such as meat and potatoes, fried foods, soft drink colas, and sugars build up acid salts in the body. Often these deposits, by having to be stored away from the blood flow, can remain in the body for decades. I recommend the consumption of ionized alkaline water, which will slowly and gently wash these salts away.”


Dr Hidemitsu Hayashi
Heart Surgeon and Director of the Water Institute, Tokyo, Japan

Few of Our Esteemed Clients

All company names are trademarks™ or registered® trademarks of their respective holders. Use of them does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by them. Owners/promoters/CEOs/MD of the following companies are using KYK Machines: (last updated: 29/11/2019)

1. Mr. Sanjeev Bajaj (Director, Bajaj Group)
2. Mr. Atul Punj (MD, Punj Lyyod)
3. Mr. Sunil Bharti Mittal (Chairman, Airtel)
4. Mr. Gautam Singhania (Owner, Raymonds


5. Mr. Harry Dhaul (MD, IPPAI)
6. Mr. Ashok Meattle (MD, PBC)
7. Mr. Bhartiya – (Owner, Hindustan Times)
8. Mr. Naveen Jindal (Chairman, Jindal Group

9. Mr. Ajay Shriram (CMD, DCM Shriram Group)
10. Mr. Vikram Thapar (CMD, KCT GROUP)
11. Mr. Bhupesh Baghel (Chief Minister, Chhattisgarh) 
12. Mr. Munjal (MD, Hero Group)

It has given me extensive health benefits. Really great. Keep it up! Ankit AggarwalCEO, Ecogreen

KYK is the best product in comparison to any other brand. Me and my family are really happy and satisfied. B.R. MalhotraChairman, WeiKFiELD

KYK Generation 2 – completely satisfied with the product. Value for money product – KYK Team really brings along the experience they have in the water ionizer industry. Sandeep Karkarebuyer

Very impressed with their after sales service. I have been drinking KYK Water for two years now and have really felt the positive changes in my health. 100% recommended!!! Chirag Guptabuyer

Thank you so much KYK for helping me out with my acidic problems. More than 2 years and still happy 🙂 Paramjeet Singhbuyer

Very Good…i lost more than 6 Kgs from drinking KYK water. Rgds Mr. Prem AgarwalMD, Color Chem

I have been using KYK’s water ionizer for more than a year now and have gained tremendous benefits out of it. All the best KYK! Dr. Ashish Guptabuyer

I am very pleased to have KYK at my home. Alkaline water with negative ORP is the best water for our health. Thank you. Mr. M.N.TiwariAddl Commissioner, Delhi Police, New Delhi