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Mirzapur travel

Vindhyachal temple is a must visit place. It is a temple of Goddess Vindhyavasini. Near to it, there are two other temples; one of Goddess Kaali (called Kaali Khoh) and other is Goddess Ashtbujha (called Ashtbhuja Devi Temple). All the three temples are situated in Vindhya Mountain and the “Darshan” (visit) to all the three temples completes the “Maha Trikon” (Great Triangle). The view of scenic beauty from the top of Ashtbujha Temple is awesome. Autorikshaws are readily available from Mirzapur Railway Station or other places of cities to complete the “Trikone”. They might charge around INR 100-150 Rs., if you reserve a single auto. At the time of Navratris(April and Oct-Nov) and Durga Puja festival, the temple attracts a great number of devotees from around the country.

The “Dargah of Kantit Shareef” (The mausoleum of Khavaja Esmile Chisti) is in the way to Vindhyavasini Temple and is a holy place for Muslims .

Mirzapur is situated at the bank of Ganges. You can enjoy a serene evening at one of the Ganges Gahts. The ghats in Mirzapur are relatively calm and quiet compare to Ganges Ghats of Varanasi and Allahabad. Visit Pakka Ghat to watch some rare and beautiful stone carving. It is situated in middle of the city and you can get Handrikshaw from any of the place in city. Try some boating in the serene Ganges.

Chunar Fort is another attraction to watch in Chunar; at 30 km from Mirzapur city. It is connected by trains as well as buses


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